Motor Yachts


Motor yachts are the most popular vessel available in the charter market. The interior of smaller boats is more spacious than their exterior space, whereas large motor yachts boast a voluminous interior and layers of decks featuring facilities such as Jacuzzi spas, lounging and party areas, spacious beach club zones, and even swimming pools and heliports.

To give you a better idea, price-wise in Greece, there are luxury motor yachts for rent available starting around €10,000 per week, and ranging anywhere up to €1,000,000 per week.

Here at Contact Yachts we can help you to rent a yacht for a day anywhere in the world or hire a motor yacht for a week in Turkey, Italy, Spain. Contact our office and we're happy to assist you in the best possible way as we've been doing it since 1995.

For Small Groups


28 m / 4 / Turkey
€ 14.000 - € 20.650