A gulet hire charter gives you an opportunity to experience an atmospheric, vintage sailing vacation on board a classy yacht with a beautiful wooden hull.

This type of vessel originated in Turkey, which is home to the idyllic “blue cruise” itinerary — a chance to explore all that is special and unique on the Turkish coast. Each year the popularity of gulets rises in Italy, Croatia, and Greece. These vessels are elegant, beautifully constructed and are broad on the beam, meaning that they sit well in the water.

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Sailing Yachts


The beauty of chartering a sailing yacht is that you’re able to experience the feeling of unbridled freedom.

A true romance of the seas, a sailing yacht with modern facilities and 5-star accommodation is perfect for a couple or a small group of friends. Select a small monohull for an intimate style of voyage, or a powerful 60 meter modern sailing yacht with spacious decks for a larger group.

Choose your perfect luxury yacht charter on a sailing boat! There are traditional wooden sailboats available for charter and other unique vessels, such as the SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL delivered in 1966, or the elegant GERMANIA NOVA, a replica of the 1908 classic, GERMANIA.

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Motor Yachts


Motor yachts are the most popular vessel available in the charter market. The interior of smaller boats is more spacious than their exterior space, whereas large motor yachts boast a voluminous interior and layers of decks featuring facilities such as Jacuzzi spas, lounging and party areas, spacious beach club zones, and even swimming pools and heliports.

To give you a better idea, price-wise in Greece, there are luxury motor yachts for rent available starting around €10,000 per week, and ranging anywhere up to €1,000,000 per week.

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This type of yacht is also known as a multihull. The biggest advantage of a multihull is that they are stable on the sea and have the ability to moor in very shallow waters. This means that with a catamaran, you may easily access some of the most secluded bays and shallower coves that other yachts cannot possibly enter.

The most popular charter destinations for multihulls are the Caribbean islands, Greece and Croatia. Catamarans have a professional skipper who helms the yacht and keeps it in excellent condition, and a hostess who cooks for guests, providing a friendly and personalised service.

We are excited to assist you with a catamaran rental inquiry anywhere in the world. Please, contact our team for any futher assistance.

Rent a yacht for a day or a week and have the most enjoyable trip that you and your closed ones deserve!


Luxury motor yacht BARRACUDA RED SEA available for rent in Croatia, Greece, Turkey - Contact Yachts

Barracuda Red Sea

37 m / 6 / Turkey
€ 115.000 - € 125.000
Personally Inspected
Luxury charter gulet yacht Clarissa sailing in Turkey


30 m / 4 / Turkey
€ 24.000 - € 26.000
Luxury charter sailing yacht Clear Eyes cruising in Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Montenegro with Contact Yachts

Clear Eyes

43 m / 5 / Turkey - Croatia - Montenegro - Italy
€ 65.000 - € 75.000
Luxury charter sailing yacht Daima cruising in Turkey and Greece with Contact Yachts


42.5 m / 5 / Turkey - Greece
€ 65.000 - € 75.000
Luxury charter gulet yacht Mare Nostrum sailing in Turkey with Contact Yachts_1

Mare Nostrum

43 m / 6 / Turkey
€ 50.000 - € 50.000
Luxury charter sailing yacht Merlin cruising in Turkey and Greece with Contact Yachts


36.07 m / 4 / Turkey
€ 38.500 - € 45.500
Luxury charter sailing yacht Miss B cruising in Turkey and Greece with Contact Yachts

Miss B

29.1 m / 4 / Turkey
€ 23.100 - € 31.850
Luxury charter gulet yacht PRINCESS KARIA II sailing in Greece & Turkey with Contact Yachts_1

Princess Karia II

34 m / 6 / Turkey
€ 21.000 - € 35.000
Luxury charter sailing yacht REGINA cruising in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, Caribbean with Contact Yachts

Aria 1 (ex Regina)

56 m / 5 / Greece
€ 65.000 - € 75.000
Luxury charter sailing yacht Sailing Nour cruising in Croatia, Turkey and Greece with Contact Yachts

Sailing Nour

37 m / 4 / Turkey
€ 42.000 - € 49.000
Luxury charter sailing yacht Lady Nathalie cruising in Turkey and Greece with Contact Yachts

Penny Lane (ex Lady Nathalie)

22 m / 4 / Turkey
€ 8.000 - € 14.000
Luxury charter gulet yacht Kaptan Kadir sailing in Greece and Turkey with Contact Yachts_1

Kaptan Kadir

37 m / 6 / Turkey
€ 40.000 - € 40.000