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Croatia's Most Beautiful Towns To Visit - Historic Trogir

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Trogir is a beautiful yacht charter destination when cruising in Croatia

When Cruising in the Adriatic

A luxury cruise on the Croatian coast is not complete without a cruise into Trogir!

Trogir's appearance did not give much away as we approached from the sea, but once we were ashore and winding through the narrow city streets, we understood why the town is such a popular tourist attraction . .. and why it is often described as one of the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic towns in Central Europe. It was like stepping back in time! The Greeks, the Romans and the Venetians have all left their mark here, but for us, the highlight of our tour was the Church of Saint Laurence's west portal - an intricate and fascinating piece of Romanesque-Gothic style work by the Trogir-born "Master", Rodovan, dated 1240.


On our way through the streets paved in stone, well polished due to traffic, we paused to look into shops and ateliers, cafes and restaurants, galleries and gift shops, while our guide related stories of the island and its 2,300-year history. One of the stories we recall is that of the "Winged Lions of Saint Mark" and how all but one of these symbols of Venice was destroyed during the course of the town's history.
Then, without warning, we stumbled across the last remaining frieze of the winged lion and took a souvenir shot.
As the sun was setting, we found ourselves at a little restaurant called "Pasike", where the hostesses were dressed in traditional costumes to greet us and served us chilled wine and octopus, fish and caviar-inspired canapes.


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