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Chartering a yacht in Turkey is easy!

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Chartering a yacht in Turkey is easy!

Our expertise in Turkish and Aegean Yacht Charter, gained over 30 years, is key to making your cruise experience the very best imaginable!

There are dozens of options from which to choose when creating your own private cruise along the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, so let us assist you in putting it all together in the simplest way! We pride ourselves on our ability to correctly match our charter clients with their ideal yacht and crew.

There are three main things that will have you hooked on Turkey:

(1) The Turkish coast is one of the world’s finest cruising destinations offering a rich variety of scenery, superb sailing, interesting ports of call and some of the best ancient sites in the world. The Turkish coast draws people from all over the world, especially those wishing to escape the busy-ness of their city lives for while and find a new pace.

(2) The Turkish people are some of the most hospitable in the world and they are lucky to have a fascinating culture that’s been percolating for thousands of years. Everywhere you go, you will be greeted with a smile and asked the question: “Where do you come from?” – such is the curiosity of the locals!

(3) Turkish cuisine is among the most flavourful in the world, based on fresh local ingredients and cooked in such a way as to retain natural flavour and health-giving properties. As Turkey is a very fertile country where fruit and vegetables flourish and are grown in time-honoured ways, the resulting produce is naturally full-flavoured and delicious.

Chartering a yacht in Turkey is easy!

There are many, many traditionally-styled wooden gulets from which to choose. They vary in terms of size, amenities, level of luxury and price. Each year, we personally inspect the vessels that are newly offered for charter as well as those that fall into the category of "perennially beautiful”, creating a selection which represents the very finest gulets on offer.

Our fleet includes a number of nicely-kept, affordable gulets as well as some of the most luxurious vessels. By luxury, we mean “pristine condition, 24-hour, round-the-clock service and five-star cuisine as prepared by a real chef".

If you are keen to get choosing, there are a few more things you need to know: a gulet is a Turkish-built wooden yacht with a traditional hull design, roomy enough to accommodate large groups in comfort. If you are 8, that’s easy, and if you are 14, we will be able to find a vessel to carry the entire group. Gulets are motor-sailers with powerful twin engines and are usually double masted, although for many gulets, the sails serve more to stabilise the yacht rather than to propell it at any great speed. Among gulets, there are a distinct category which sail well when conditions are favourable and so if sailing is something you would love to include in your cruise, kindly let us know!

Time to book! Please contact us and a member of our friendly, experienced staff will guide you through the entire process. Welcome to Turkey!


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