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More time for sailing - really smooth sailing

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More time for sailing - really smooth sailing

You have chartered a luxury yacht and you are now in the stages of gathering information about your week in Greek, Turkish or Croation waters. Stop! ere you decide where to go, ask about the wind patterns in the area. Ask you captain to give you a guideline for an itinerary which would include at least 3 or 4 day sails. We are so busy “seeing and doing” that we forget to pay our respects to the very first mariners who crossed seas and oceans using nothing but the power of the wind… and turn of the engine. "When in Rome” is the old adage, so make the most of your opportunity during your luxury yacht charter, to do just that and try some sailing - you will not regret it for a moment. Sailing is akin to meditation… is akin to slowing down everything (nothing mechanical — just sails) and fitting in with what Mother Nature has decreed suitable! It does much for children to live a sailing experience. Since the time they are born, there is always a device around, a mechanical device or an electronic device… something which whirrs and buzzes, or blinks and changes gear. Sailing helps children to appreciate just how far humankind has come. It gives them a place to start with … something to aid their reflection on such matters as the way we life our lives in comparison to those in very remote places (such as hilltop villages in Nepal). It’s vital for all of us to make time for sailing… and while you are in the calm waters of the Eastern Mediterranean, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be the smoothest sailing you could hope for. Sail more, and there will be beautiful, lasting effects, I guarantee it.


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