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It's Time To Book Your Own Private Cruise

It's Time To Book Your Own Private Cruise

A list of several things to consider before booking a gulet, a catamaran, a sailing or a motor yacht charter.

On a crewed yacht, your every need is attended to by a professional crew and your days are filled with panoramas of coast and sea, ruins and little-known villages. You can swim and snorkel to your heart’s desire and taste the freshest, most appetising of dishes prepared especially to suit your preferences.

The choice of yacht to hire is only limited to your imagination, as is the choice of a yacht charter itinerary. When you rent a boat, the yacht becomes yours for the period of your holiday on board, so you are free to choose where you will go, for how long and what you will do when you get there. You are welcome to use one of our “tried and true” itineraries or just ask for some advice based on what interests you the most.

Speaking of which, we can often match your interests with those of your crew, so if you like history and ruins, we will suggest you spend your holiday with a crew that loves going hiking to ruins.

If you are ready to go about booking your gulet, catamaran, sailing or motor yacht charter, we would like to make sure you have considered:

1. The total number of people in your group, their mix of ages (i.e. if you have children, what ages are they?) and the most workable cabin arrangement you can foresee (i.e. number of single, double and triple cabins required);

2. Your preferred start and finish dates and any alternative sets of dates you might have;

3. Your preferred ports of embarkation and disembarkation (i.e. where you plan to join the rented yacht, and where you plan to leave the boat);

4. Any special requests which you feel will make the cruise more enjoyable (i.e. special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, etc. and special interests such as archaeology, diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, waterskiing, or sailing). And if you would like extra large cabins, please let us know!

Although there’s always at least one crew member who speaks English fluently (or is a native speaker of English!) if you require a member of your Turkish crew to speak exceptionally good English, you might be advised to hire the services of a local guide for the duration of your cruise - apart from offering insights into the Turkish way of life, any shore excursions to archaeological sites are sure to be more rewarding with a guide along. However, if you are adventurous types and prefer to make discoveries on your own, note that there are many publications available to guide you - just ask us for a list.

5. Additional requirements such as reservations for flights and hotels, airport and hotel transfers and car rental, and their corresponding dates.

Once your decision has been made and we have collected your deposit and exchanged contracts, your yacht will be reserved for your dates. That’s when we can start discussing your itinerary…. and your choice of healthy, tasty Turkish meals: two of the most entertaining activities you’ll ever have the pleasure of partaking in during the lead up to a holiday.


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