Chocolate Mousse on Deck

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Delicious food aboard luxury sailing yacht - gulet in Turkey and Greece during beautiful charter in summer

There is a certain amount of decadence that is part and parcel with private luxury yacht charter: the main thing that comes to mind, beyond the champagne and caviar, beyond the scallops that have whipped up in white wine and the shrimps that fall endlessly from the risotto... is the dessert. Served after a meal, when we really should all be thinking of standing up and getting a little further from the table, dessert can be the crowning glory for a meal that has been exquisitely put together. And that's why we stay at the table... it's the excitement and anticipation of what's coming next that makes us linger, even though we were sure we'd taken the very last bite of the meal, and, having been given a moment or two to reflect upon our day, realise that we've spent most of it snoozing and reading books, and much too little of it swimming, waterskiing, hiking, or snorkelling. So be it! The crew did ask if you were interested in any active pursuits today, but the storyline was much too juicy in your best-seller and you could not put it down, even if the water was calling you.

So, if you've ever had the absolute misfortune of having given a thought your waistline during your week on the water, rest assured: you are here to enjoy and that, the good solid enjoyment of your charter vacation, leaves no room for any doubts!!

Now: without any further ado, tuck into that chocolate mousse and believe in its powers to do you good. Know that everything tastes better after a day on the water. And that chocolate can only lead to happiness. Try chocolate lava cake, with ice-cream, walking circuit of the deck beforehand, just to take in the view.... but don't, whatever you do, miss dessert!

A helping a day, or two helpings per day brings balance to your palate. Placation: sweetness after savoury. And don't forget to congratulate the chef... he will appreciate the applause.

Delicious food aboard luxury sailing yacht - gulet in Turkey and Greece during beautiful charter in summer

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